Cosmetic Product Safety Report

What is a Cosmetic Product Safety Report?

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is the cosmetic safety assessor’s opinion that the product is safe in normal and foreseeable use and complies with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Why is it needed?

The CPSR is needed to ensure that the ingredients within the cosmetic product are safe for use on humans. This is evaluated by a qualified assessor (toxicologist) who will look at all the available data for the ingredients, identify any risks associated with the combination of those ingredients and the products packaging, ensure that any possible risks identified that could cause harm to the cosmetic product user are below levels that may cause the identified harm. They ensure that no banned substances are used in the product and perform an overall safety assessment of the product. They also check any claims made for the product against available data to support the claims made in the marketing material.

What goes into the report?

  • Part A: Cosmetic product safety information
    • Quantitative and qualitative composition of the cosmetic product
    • Physical/chemical characteristics and stability of the cosmetic product
    • Microbiological quality
    • Impurities, traces, information about the packaging material
    • Normal and reasonably foreseeable use
    • Exposure to the cosmetic product
    • Exposure to the substances
    • Toxicological profile of the substances
    • Undesirable effects and serious undesirable effects
    • Information on the cosmetic product
  • Part B: Cosmetic product safety assessment
    • Assessment conclusion
    • Labelled warnings and instructions for use
    • Reasoning
    • Assessor’s credentials and approval

Do you need a CPSR?

If you manufacture cosmetic products or own brand label (private label) them, then you need a CPSR.

At Patient Guard, our assessors are all fully qualified experts in toxicology and biological evaluation. For a free consultation about your product please contact us at or complete our online contact form here


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