About Patient Guard

Our Aim

At Patient Guard we aim to provide our clients with the best regulatory affairs and quality assurance services in the medical device industry. We believe we achieve this with our innovative approach, our level-headed customer service, and our technical expertise.

Our consultants and team communicate clear information to our clients, provide services in a well-planned and concise manner and focus on delivering the most precise technical documents. Patient Guard will always assist our customers in adhering to regulations in the UK and EU with an emphasis on being transparent friendly, and supportive. We aim to provide information that cuts through the complex language used in the regulations and provide you with no-nonsense advice that is easy to understand.

Staff Welfare and Wellbeing

Here at Patient Guard we take the welfare and wellbeing of our staff seriously. We care about our team members and recognise the importance of maintaining a positive mental health culture in the workplace. We know that happy, healthy, supported professionals are also going to be better able to assist our clients.

In October 2021 our commitment to staff welfare led to four of our team members completing an FAA Level 3 Award for First Aid for Mental Health (RQF). This was an intensive course aimed at producing competent first aiders that can recognise several mental health conditions. It provided the skills for the team to start supportive conversations and confidently sign post people to professional support when needed. The course also covered recognising and managing stress and creating first aid action plans to support staff mental health.


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Patient Guard


Communicating clear information to clients




Providing services in a well planned and concise.



Focusing on delivering precise technical documents.


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